Academic Support Interventions

Weekly Interventions Schedule

Bonita Vista Middle School

A-G Readiness Academic Support


A-G refers to the required classes that high school students must complete in order to be eligible for admission to universities in California. A-G readiness in the middle school means that students must pass all courses in order to arrive at high school ready and well-prepared to pass the high school A-G required courses.

At Bonita Vista Middle, we want to ensure that every student leaves ready to be successful in high school. That is why we provide a number of interventions for your student when they are not performing proficiently. Parents are strongly encouraged to ensure that their child attends every intervention that is assigned. Bonita Vista Middle School strives to provide every opportunity to ensure each child is ready to earn a high school diploma and leaves school prepared for success in college or a career pathway. This preparation begins now at the middle school level.

Every student—regardless of personal or academic circumstances—wants to succeed. Every student can and will succeed in school—given rigorous classroom instruction and extra academic support that is timely, targeted and directed. If your child is completing all homework and demonstrating proficiency on all academic assessments, then the student is well on track to reaching the goal of earning a high school diploma.

However, we recognize that all students do not learn at the same pace. Some need extra support. On the back of this document there is a list of interventions your son/daughter may be required to attend this school year. These academic support programs address the student’s need to demonstrate proficiency in their core classes (English, Math, Science, Social Science).

We believe that by providing timely, targeted and directed academic support your student will understand the expectations needed for success at the high school level. Please help us by making sure you child attends school every day, and if assigned to an intervention program make sure they attend they attend.