2019 Library Collections

Beginning June 4, the library is open for iPad Returns. On June 4th after school and the last final, we are here until 3:30pm for early bird iPad returns. We will continue to be open every day after school for late iPad, textbook and library book returns. On June 5, 8th graders are scheduled to return iPads through Math classes.

On June 6, 7th graders are scheduled to return iPads through Math classes. Remember to bring the following: the iPad, case, brick and cord. The brick and cord must be the ones we issued to you.

The district does not accept other 3rd party items. Make sure you take off all stickers, and personal items. Back up information or photos you want to keep. Your iPad should be charged so that we can see that it is working when you turn it in. Students who bring everything will be processed first.


IMPORTANT: iPad and Textbook Collection

Please take a moment to review the videos below regarding iPad and Textbook collection for the end of the school year.

8th Grade iPad Collection

8th Grade Textbook Collection

7th Grade iPad Collection

7th Grade Textbook Collection


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