BVM Turkey Trot 2014

Turkey Trot Logo

Our annual BVM Turkey Trot is scheduled to take place in P.E. classes on Wednesday, November 19 and Thursday, November 20, 2014.  This highly lauded event is a one mile running race held on the BVM mile course and is steeped in tradition.  All Crusaders will participate in the event, running in two separate heats (boys and girls) during each class period.  School-wide winners will be determined in four categories:

8th Grade Girls

8th Grade Boys

7th Grade Girls

7th Grade Boys

There will prizes for the top three in each category, with the winner taking home a turkey to cook!


Runners finishing in the Top 20 will receive a t-shirt printed with the 2014 Turkey Trot logo.

Parents and other community members that desire to attend must check-in at the Main Office before entering campus.  Crusader Pride!