Accessing the 2015-2016 Interactive Student Handbook

Using iPads, students and parents can access and explore the 2015-2016 Interactive Student Handbook.  The Student Handbook contains a wealth of valuable information schedules, dates and procedures and should be thoroughly reviewed by all BVM students and their parents.  Please follow the directions below to Gain access:

1.  Open Absolute Apps (dark blue ‘A’ on second page of apps in the iPad).

2.  Tap “book store” at the bottom of the page. The iHandbook will appear – tap ”Install.”

3.  You will automatically be taken to the iBooks bookshelf in iBooks on the iPad.

4.  Tap the download button (the cloud with arrow pointing down).

5.  Once download is completed, tap the iHandbook to open it.


A non interactive .pdf version of the Student Handbook can be accessed by clicking below:

student handbook