Jupiter and Canvas Log-In For Parents

Jupiter Ed Jupiter Logo

Log in to the Jupiter Ed website anytime to view current grades, homework, missing assignments and test scores for your student.

  1. Go to https://login.jupitered.com
  1. Click the “Parent” tab
  1. Type Name:        “type your student’s name (first and last)”

Password:  “type your name (first and last)”, or click “Forgot Password”

School:        Bonita Vista Middle School

City:             Chula Vista

State:           California


Canvas Canvas Logo

Log in to Canvas to view your student’s assignments, messages, and progress.

  1. Go to https://sweetwaterschools.instructure.com/login.
  1. Username: enter the email addressyou providedthe district.
  1. Password: enter parents2014as the password OR click “Don’t know your password?”
  1. Under the username create a unique password for your observer account.
  1. You should be able to observe your student’s courses if the teacher is using Canvas.
  1. Set preferences for how you want to receive communications. For example: text, email or both.