Student Handbook Presentation 7/23

NEW: Student Discipline Contract 2019-2020

In addition to our school policies that are listed in our student handbook, there will be 4 Non-Negotiables that will be enforced this school year.

What are our Non-Negotiables at BVM?

Rules that every staff member will enforce consistently (minor offenses)

Rules that students must follow the first time (no second chances)

An action that receives an automatic consequence (no second chances)

What is the Purpose of our Non-Negotiables?

Improve transparency in the referral and discipline process

Improve school culture by creating a clear and consistent set of expectations

Non-negotiables address minor issues


(monitored by teacher in class)

·Watching Non-Instructional YouTube videos

·Playing/watching video games

·Using social media/personal emails/chat rooms

·Airplane mode/turning off Bluetooth

·Videotaping/taking pictures of staff and peers

·No Selfies

·Vandalism of iPad

·Using Proxy servers/hotspots

·Photoshopping pictures for purpose of bullying


(not related to instruction)

·May not be used in hallways, nutrition break, or lunch

·May not be used in class (unless it’s for instructional purposes)

·May not be visibly seen throughout the day (must be put away in backpacks, not in pockets or under clothing)



·May not wear a hoodie inside or outside class (even on cold or rainy days)

·No sagging pants, shorts or bottom apparel

·No tops that show midriff or off the shoulder

·No short shorts/skirts or bottom apparel

·Dress coding a student will be at the discretion of administration

·See student handbook for more details




·Cell phones are NEVER allowed; not even during instruction.

·Must be turned off (not on vibrate or silent)

·Must be inside backpacks

·Cannot be visible (ex: can’t be inside student’s pockets)