Homework is an integral part of the school program. It is designed to supplement class instruction and give students the opportunity to practice the skills learned. Homework is usually assigned Monday through Friday. The teacher’s class procedures will define their policy.

Help with homework is available after school in AEC.

Each class provides homework assignments. To achieve success, BVM students should spend a minimum of 30 minutes per academic subject each night on homework and review. Recreational reading is also an important part of a student’s homework program.

If the student is absent, it is the student’s responsibility to check with each teacher to find out the work that has been missed. Call a “study buddy” or check or Canvas.

Students are expected to make up all missing assignments.


Doing one’s own work is essential to the academic and personal integrity of each student. To falsely take credit for work that belongs to another student or source is not acceptable behavior.

Plagiarism is the copying of another student’s work and/or the copying of material from another source (i.e., Internet or published) and taking personal credit for it.

Cheating is taking an examination/quiz in a dishonest way (i.e.: having improper access to answers).

Participating in an act of cheating and/or plagiarism is unacceptable and causes a student’s credibility to be in question. Consequences for cheating and/or plagiarism are as follows:

On the first offense all of the following will occur:

A grade of “0” on the assignment or on the test with no make-up opportunity

Parent notification by the teacher

Possible failing grade in citizenship

Referral to counselor for intervention

On subsequent offenses all of the following will occur:

A grade of “0” on the assignment or on the test with no make-up opportunity

Referral to the assistant principal with disciplinary consequences that may include:

  • In-school suspension
  • Out-of-school suspension

Parent, student, teacher and assistant principal conference

Failing grade in citizenship