Academic Interventions & Fall Tutoring Schedule

BVM Academic Interventions & Tutoring Fall Schedule 2021

Our tutoring and Academic Enrichment Center (AEC) hours begin Monday, August 9. Please see attached schedules (they will be posted in classrooms and on school website)
Students have a number of options to choose from—please see the attached schedule, in order to receive help in all subject areas. Our tutoring and AEC classrooms are staffed by certificated teachers dedicated to helping students complete assignments and submit them to the proper teacher.
Due to Covid Protocols students will be required to:
1. Sign in using the QR code specific to the tutoring session.
2. All sign in information is required-Name, ID#, subject, teacher that student is doing work for, time in.
3. Remain the entire hour or remainder of session.
4. In the event that a student must sign out because of parent pick-up—Student will use QR code to sign out (this records the time so that if a parent would like to verify attendance-it is recorded)
AM/PM Tutoring, AEC, and ARC—
1. Sign in using QR code.
2. Remain in tutoring session to complete work and get assistance from teacher.
3. School and classroom guidelines apply.
4. Submit assignment to teacher
Advisory AEC/Tutoring—
1. Go directly to tutoring room (do not go to your advisory and ask to leave). Once classroom is at capacity students will be moved to another room or sent to their assigned advisory class depending on teacher availability.
2. Late students will not be admitted.
3. Sign in using QR code.
4. Remain entire advisory period.
5. School and classroom guidelines apply.
6. Submit assignment to teacher
7. Student must attend Advisory tutoring all week M-Th.
8. Ms. Ugarte will clear attendance for advisory and can verify for parents student attendance. If a parent receives an absence notification they can email and attendance during advisory can be verified.