• Want to be a more successful student?
  • Improving your reading will help you in all of your core classes as well as offer you an important lifelong skill.
  • Each student takes the STAR test to determine his/her ZPD (zone of proximal development).  Students will visit the multimedia lab with their teacher to take the STAR test.
  • Based on this ZPD score, students will select books from the library.
  • After a teacher approves, the student takes a computerized quiz to show understanding.
  • Scores may be incorporated into scholarship grades, but more importantly, students are motivated to read and become excited about books.
  • Teachers will use the program in different ways in the classroom.
The Benefits
  • Bonita Vista Middle’s Accelerated Reader program will help students improve their reading skills and have fun too! Research has shown students need to practice reading to become better readers.
  • We recommend students read at least one hour each day.
  • Look for incentive programs to encourage even more reading.
Check out AR books in the library
  • Bonita Vista Middle has the newest version of the Accelerated Reader program which means that they can read and take a quiz on any book in the AR program.  Visit the website https://www.arbookfind.com to find an AR book. Students will have access to a wide selection of reading materials at all levels. Students can read fiction or nonfiction titles.  You may even catch them reading in science class!
The most reading growth will occur when students read within their reading zone.