Directions to cite your sources:
It is your responsibility to give credit to all sources used to write your report or prepare your project.
Using the examples below, record the needed information.

Book with one author:
Arnold, Caroline. Camel. New York: Morrow, 1992.
Book with two or more authors:
Moktefi, Mokhtar and Veronique Ageorges. The Arabs: In the Golden Age. Connecticut: Millbrook,1992.
Book encyclopedia: (author or contributor’s name is at the end of the article.)
Miles, Edward J. “Tanzania.” The New Book of Knowledge, Vol 17. Connecticut: Grolier, 1998, 16-19.
CD-ROM encyclopedia: (author or contributor’s name usually found at the bottom of the article.)
”Nathan Hale”, Grolier Interactive Inc., Danbury, CT.
Online encyclopedia: (author or contributor’s name usually found at the bottom of the article.)
Jones, George. “King,Jr., Martin Luther.” Worldbook Online,  March 13, 2000,      Chicago:  IBM/World Book, Inc.
Book, almanac or encyclopedia without an author listed for the article:
”Saudi Arabia.” World Almanac and Book of Facts, 1998. New Jersey: Funk & Wagnalls, 1997, 805-806.
Magazine articles:
Zwingle, Erla. “ Morocco, North Africa’s Timeless Mosaic.” National Geographic, October 1996: 98-125.
Begin with author (if found) , then title and date. If you cannot find a date, use today’s date. Note the URL is enclosed in angle brackets.
Eberius, Bill. Eli Whitney. 1999.<> (23 December 1999).
Benjamin Franklin. <> (15 January 2000).
Electric Library and citing a magazine article
Mallory, Maria. “Bound for Freedom.” U.S. News & World Report, 14 April 1997. Electric Library, <> (12 February 2000).
Newspaper article:
Ulbrich, Jeffrey. “Who’ll be blamed in crash that killed Diana?” The San Diego Union-Tribune. 8 September 1997: Section A1.
Personal or Telephone Interview:
Brand, Edward. Personal Interview. 28 August 2001.
Clinton, William. Telephone Interview. 6 July 2000..
Alzheimer’s Disease. Videocassette. American Institute of Nursing, 1985.