All Subjects

Internet Public Library Great for all subjects
Library of Congress A variety of great information
ALA Great Websites for Kids Go and explore
National Geographic National Geographic website

English Language Arts

All Words Latin/Greek Roots
Famous Poets and Poems The name says it all
Literature Links (Author Information) Author Information

World Cultures

Plague: The Black Death Extensive amount of information
Castles on the Web About more than just castles
Eyewitness to History History from those who lived it
The Middle Ages Overview of life in the middle ages
Avalon Project Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy
Religions of the World Beliefs, history, overview of the world’s religions


United States History

Eyewitness to History History from those who lived it
50 States Information for states project
Early America American Colonial history
Avalon Project Documents in Law History and Diplomacy
New York Times Articles – US States Looking for an news article for your state project?
Presidents of the United States President information from the White House
American Presidents From the University of Virginia


Chemical Elements Information about elements
Web Elements Home of the Periodic Table
Chemicool More element information
Web MD Health Information
Science Fair Central Project Ideas and More
More Science Fair Projects More ideas for your science project
Science Fair Projects Hundreds of ideas; from astronomy to zoology


Web Museum Alphabetical list of artists
American Art/Smithsonian American artists
Artcyclopedia Lots of great artists
Norman Rockwell The man and his work