Bonita Vista Middle School strives to provide every opportunity to ensure each child is ready to earn a high school diploma and leaves school prepared for success in college or a career pathway. This preparation begins now at the middle school level.  Every student—regardless of personal or academic circumstances—wants to succeed.  Every student can and will succeed in school — given rigorous classroom instruction and extra academic support that is timely, targeted and directive.  If your child is completing all homework and demonstrating proficiency in all academic assessments, then the student is well on track to reaching the immediate goal of a high school diploma. However, we recognize that all students do not learn at the same pace.  Some need extra support. The benefit to your student is tremendous!

Whenever a student does not complete a homework assignment, a teacher can assign the student to attend AEC (Academic Enrichment Center). AEC is Monday – Thursday after school until 4:15. The student is required to attend AEC to complete the missing homework assignment. Phone calls go out daily to parents to the home phone number on file to inform them when AEC is assigned.  Should you wish for us to use another phone number to contact you, please call the front office at 619-397-2200. While the Academic Support Office makes reasonable effort to contact parents, it is the responsibility of the student to inform parents when they are assigned AEC. Students with transportation issues may attend AEC the next day as long as a parent notifies the Academic Support Office.

Additional academic support occurs during Saturday Academy. At Saturday Academy, students may be assigned to Reteaching, to a credit recovery class if they are missing a credit needed to promote, or to work with a teacher on assignments and opportunities to improve grades while using programs such as Learning Upgrade or Achieve 3000. Students attending Saturday Academy also clear a day of absence allowing them to work towards sharing in the many rewards and celebrations for students with perfect attendance.

In addition to AEC, when a student does not demonstrate understanding of a key concept on an assessment, teachers may offer “reteaching.” Reteaching can occur after school or on at Saturday Academy. The material is retaught and the student has the chance to retake the assessment to improve the grade.

When a student fails to attend an assigned AEC or Reteach, or demonstrates behavior that requires redirection, they may be assigned to ARC (Academic Recovery Center). The office attempts to inform a parent when ARC is assigned, but it is the student’s responsibility to let their parents know when ARC is assigned. ARC is Fridays after school until 3:00 PM.

We believe by providing timely, targeted and directive academic support your student will understand the expectations needed to be ready for success at the high school level. Please help us by making sure you child attends school every day and, if assigned, by making sure they attend the academic support opportunities listed above.