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Mrs. Amador General Science 7
Mrs. Bauer Math 7Math 7 AcceleratedAlgebra
Mr. Beck Physical Education 8
Mrs. Caldwell Math 7Math 7 Support
Mrs. Canales General Science 8
Mrs. Cardenas General Science 7
Mrs. Cruz Band/Guitar/Color GuardBand Documents
Mr. Dougherty General Science 8General Science 8 Accelerated
Mr. Kennedy English 8
Mr. Kumabe General Science 7, General Science 8
Mr. Mendez Math 8 & Algebra
Mrs. Mercado English 7 & 8
Mr. Mulock Science 7 & 8
Mrs. Schroeder Physical Education 7
Mr. Schroeder Physical Education 7
Mrs. Shimasaki General Science 7
Mrs. Spencer Physical Education 8
Mrs. Sumnicht English 7English 7 Accelerated
Mrs.Ugarte English 7English 8English 7 Accelerated
Mr. Young Exploring TechnologyWorld Cultures 7